AOT # 22: Lynne Truss Podcasts Talk to the Hand

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Lynne Truss, author of the best-selling book on grammar, Eats, Shoots & Leaves, tackles a new subject – manners, or the lack thereof – in her new book Talk to the Hand .

British writer Lynne Truss reviews books for the Sunday Times of London, is a familiar voice on BBC Radio and won the British Book Award for her 2004 book, Eats, Shoots & Leaves. Truss reads from and discusses her new book, Talk to the Hand: The Utter Bloody Rudeness of the World Today, or, Six Good Reasons to Stay Home and Bolt the Door. Truss issues a “call to arms” as a witty defender of the civilized world.

($19.95) Gotham Books ISBN # 0-14-305803-7. Please visit Lynne Truss’s Web site as well.

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2 Responses to “AOT # 22: Lynne Truss Podcasts Talk to the Hand”
  1. I take issue with Miss Truss’s omission of the period or full stop following St., abbreviation for Saint. It runs throughout her book.


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  1. […] Lynne Truss is, if nothing else, highly entertaining. To prove it, I give you this offering: a charming author podcast, featuring Truss, who talks about and reads from Talk to the Hand: The Utter Bloody Rudeness of the World Today. The reading, which is a part of the Authors On Tour Live! series produced and distributed by the Tattered Cover Bookstore in Colorado, had me chuckling with the painful recall of socially inconsiderate encounters. […]

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