AOT #517: Tom LaMarr Podcasts Geezer Dad

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Tom LaMarrGeezer Dad

Colorado writer Tom LaMarr, author of the novels October Revolution and Hallelujah City, reads from and discusses his memoir Geezer Dad. The median age for starting a family has climbed, and Tom LaMarr is the reason. The Geezer Dad author was nearly 48 when he met his daughter, which makes him even older now. The story of one man’s transformation from career-minded guy who wasn’t completely sure he wanted children to age-impaired dad pulling out reading glasses in the supermarket’s baby aisle, Geezer Dad will resonate with older first-time parents and parents-to-be, as well as those still contemplating the journey.

($16.99) Marcinson Press ISBN # 9780996720700. You can visit Tom LaMarr‘s official web site as well.

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