The Value of a Homemaker by Patricia Zona

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The Value of a HomemakerI was fortunate to have three sisters and two brothers. I would be the youngest of three or the oldest of four. Growing up would not be an ordinary experience for any of us. Yet, amazingly we persevered. I believe all of us were determined and chose to do and be better— not repeat the same mistakes. Memories of our mother gentle and loving but frail and medicated too often. Our father instilled fear for he never was taught or shown real nurturing love himself. Later, we would all understand the dynamics of both our parents and we would forgive. My dreams were to be a singer, dancer, artist and missionary—one day. I have done it all in some small capacity and on borrowed time. I would marry while a junior in high school and have a son on my husband’s birthday. Then, we were young and in love and determined to defy the odds. We would have three children and achieve incredible financial success during the process. But, in the end I would be sacrificed and my husband rewarded. Divorced, appealed and annulled—I was compelled to write my first book—my story, for understanding and to make a difference….

Xlibris , $29.69, ISBN#: 978-1-4415-6469-6


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  1. Debra says:

    Too difficult to listen too! She may be a fine author, but totally inarticulate in this interview. I gave up half way thru.

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