Silent But Deadly by Mark Tatulli

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Silent But Deadly Centered around an odd, ghostly-pale child named LIO, and his creepy coterie of friends, including a giant squid named Ishmael and a scythe-carrying grim reaper, LIO is influenced by cartooning greats Gahan Wilson, Charles Addams, and 19th-century satirist A. J. Volck.

Andrews McMeel Publishing, $12.99, September 2008, ISBN#: 9780740777424

This podcast was recorded at BookExpo America 2009 in New York City.


One Response to “Silent But Deadly by Mark Tatulli”
  1. Kirsten Falke says:

    A message to Mark Tatulli:

    Dear Mark, I absolutely love Lio and would definitely want him for a friend. Yes, he has that dark side, but he has so many moments of grea†
    humanity, and beautiful sensitivity to others. I was so moved by his visit to, I guess, his mother’s grave, and completely blown away by the tree that had to get around Lio on his ski’s. Thank you for Lio, and for your vision.
    It’s very grounding, very sane.

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