AOT #13: Dan Savage Podcasts from The Commitment

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Dan Savage, best-selling author and journalist, whose column "Savage Love," is a nationally-syndicated sex-advice column read by more than four million people each week, discusses and reads from his new book The Commitment: Love, Sex, Marriage and My Family. There is no hotter issue than gay marriage in the culture-war debate, and Dan Savage takes it on and makes it personal in this rollicking and wickedly funny memoir of coming to terms with sex, marriage, adoption and parenthood.

Dan Savage The Commitment

($23.95) Penguin ISBN 0-525-94907-0. Visit Dan Savage's The Stranger web site as well.

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3 Responses to “AOT #13: Dan Savage Podcasts from The Commitment”
  1. justvisiting says:

    I only recently discovered Dan Savage. I have a deepest respect for the man. This reading/question & answer session is hysterically entertaining. Off I go to buy any books written by Dan. Good times!

  2. I heard Dan on the radio today reading the story of his son and family weighing in on his getting married – i loved it – so touching. I am looking for it – and once again I am defeated by the internet – i can’t get this site to play anything by dan and I am giving up. can you email a correct and direct link to me?
    Olivia Corson
    founder of Body Tales

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