Return to Life! An Empowerment of the Spirit by R.Krystaline Carbajal

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Return to Life! An Empowerment of the SpiritHow many of us can really say we have lived life to its fullest?Nowadays, we are reduced to bullet points and a list of “things to do” … today, this week, this year, in this lifetime.We are all born with these very primal instincts and needs. We view the world with this sense of awe and wonderment, when we are children. But where does it go? We grow into adulthood and we somehow shed these once cherished views. We become intricately tangled in the web of life; modern life anyways, as modern technology creeps in from every angle, we slip easily into automaton mode. The change happens so gradual, that we don’t even notice! Until one day, we look back and wonder; What ever happened to my bullet point? To my goals? To my will? To my REAL needs?

The answer to these questions, is often sought after “outside” of ourselves, somewhere unreachable, and far away. Within ourselves we hold the key to passage into the bliss we seek all our lives. Therein are the answers to the “Perception” we have of life. We have the power to co-create our environment by adjusting our perceptions, and view life in a whole new way, to finally discover that although lost… it is now time to Return to Life! Religion, ethnicity, ancient customs, or traditional beliefs, have nothing to do with this. That is what makes this message so different from any other.

This book is about the Inner Journey that one must…

Return to Life!, April 2011, $24.99, ISBN#: 978-0615427942

This podcast was recorded at BookExpo America 2011 in New York City.


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  1. Maria Gonzalez says:

    I think this story is inspirational in itself, she sound like a very strong person, and hope to buy this book soon at my nearest bookstore. Wish the best of luck to Kristaline hoping, as you said, that this is not her only book.

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