Renewal: Remaking America’s Schools for the 21st Century by Harold Kwalwasser

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Renewal: Remaking America's Schools for the 21st CenturyRenewal is a call to action to parents and community leaders to push for education reform so all children may reach their full potential.

Based on a series of visits to forty high performing or transforming schools, Harold Kwalwasser offers a clear picture of how to move away from the mass-production style of education that most schools offered throughout the twentieth century to a new, more innovative, and flexible model that can meet this country’s promise of truly educating every child. While the goal requires systemic change, the real challenge, as is reflected in the histories of the schools visited, is to persuade all the adults, from teachers to legislators, to buy into the vision and make their actions consistent with their words.

Rowman & Littlefield, April 2012, ISBN#: 978-1-61048-687-3

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