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Nando Parrado survived 72 days in the Andes mountains after a plane, carrying him and his rugby teammates, crashed into the wintery mountains. Miracle in the Andes is his story, told for the first time since the accident 34 years ago.

In 1972, a plane carrying a Uruguayan rugby team crashed in the Andes. Nando Parrado, one of the survivors of the crash, tells his story in Miracle in the Andes: 72 Days on the Mountain and My Long Trek Home, and for the first time discusses how and why he survived. Piers Paul Read wrote, “Given up for dead after an air crash…Parrado not only survived but showed the strength and determination that saved his own life and that of his fifteen friends. Now he gives his own account of his ordeal — enthralling, enlightening, modest and moving. An impressive testimony to what love can achieve.”

($25.00) Crown ISBN #1-40009-767-3. You can visit Nando Parrado’s official web site as well.

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9 Responses to “AOT #44: Nando Parrado Podcasts Miracle in the Andes”
  1. Hi Mister Nando, this is my first time write to one survivor of airplane crash 1972.

    My life is based on your difficult life in a mountains.

    I have some difficult times in my life, but when I think of you leave some 35 years ago, This is nothing that you leave!
    one guy I respect in my life it’s you! It’s true!

    My dream is you answer me by email at:
    claude, your friend!

  2. Gloria Calderón says:

    Nando, I have now read your book twice. I am a high school Spanish teacher in Houston, TX and have taken your book to my school and told my students your story. Your book has been an inspiration to me as well as my students. It is true, as you said in your book, that love is stronger than death and that love is the greatest force in the universe! Thank you for your inspiring book. You have made a positive difference in my life and the lives of my students! Saludos a tu familia.

    Con cariño y respeto,


  3. Maura Cooseelal says:

    I have read your book and your account of this disaster is so graphic that I am reading this story 36 years later and as I read I am actually experiencing all the hardships you all faced in that harrowing experience. It is a superb book and your writing style is spectacular because it grips the reader and you cannot put down the book. I enjoyed the book thoroughly and do hope your experiences will be a learning experience for everyone who reads the book. What you shared were your innermost feelings of love, faith, perseverance and that will to succeed. Greetings to you, your family the other survivors and their families.

  4. jennifer says:

    Mr. Parrado? Hello. I’m a 24 year old young woman, and I’m from Florida, and I just read your book, and it is so beautiful. It’s hard to see the screen because I still have tears blurring my vision…to think of all you endured. God has richly blessed you and your friends, in the years since the tragedy. The twenty-nine other people would be so proud of you all. I’m trying to live by your advice, of not wasting a single breath. I know everyone would live better if they did. Life is too short to spend on any negative energy. It should be lived to the fullest, every moment. As you say, we all in a way, deal with our own Andes. -Jennifer.

  5. V.Ramdas says:

    dear Sir,

    My namd is Ramdas. i am from Kerala State of India. i read Alive in the early 70’ the Reader’s Digest’s book section. After that i read Alive book meny times .it the most go to one’s heart book i have ever read in my life. while go through the book one should imagine how it would be if we were one of the passenger of the plane. You and caness are my all time heros.i have travelled in the himalayan regions many times and experienced the extream cold during my visit. even though the temperature was nearly 0 dergees i could not tolerate. i surprise how you could manage your day’s in the Andes with temperature -40.

    With regards,


  6. phyllis rios says:

    hi nando my family says i’m crazy about your story cause i’ve seen your movie so many times (alive) i’m shocked and memorized that anyone surived i never get enough what you went through i belive a guardian angel perhaps your mom and sister wanted you to live and go on to tell your story i want to get your book but haven’t yet. on our cable here in az they been showing the movie all month i have seen them all as a matter fact i’m watching while i’m writing this letter.i hope you live a very long time, i have so many health problems plus i had a hard sroke and part parilized. do you still live around the area where the plane crashed and what do you do in life.

  7. Dearest Mr. Parrado-I am just writing to let you know how amazing and inspiring i found your story to be. I have read Alive 4 times and i can’t begin to tell you the feelings it invokes. The strength of the human will, the courage and love found on the mountain. I have not read your book yet but now that i know it’s out there i will. You are a hero, and whenever anyone speaks of superheros i tell them about you, a true to life hero. In honor of the victims lost and in honor of the survivors i am holding a 72 hr. fast for the 72 days on the mountain on the 39th Anniversary of the Crash. You will forever be my inspiration for life. You and your family and friends will constantly be in my prayers. Peace Be With YOu.


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