Marriage of the Lamb by J. Gordon Powell

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Marriage of the LambAuthor J. Gordon Powell thinks he was born to be a teaching prophet. Although he is not yet a commissioned prophet as defined by Moses to Aaron and Miriam, he has already discovered a lot of information about repentance and rapture.

He believes that rapture is imminent and that many church leaders are expecting spiritual awakening. This may be the revival that some scholars anticipate as has been prophesied. Unfortunately, however, the very same teachers who predict revival before rapture still cling to religious traditions that allow pagan deities to deceive them.

Gordon believes that modern humans are resisting repentance in preparation for rapture because they are using intellect to function like gods. This desire to be like the gods was the reason humans severed their covenant union with God back when the earth was still young.

These beliefs, the scripture, and the author’s views on theology are discussed in detail in Marriage of the Lamb. Through his book, Gordon warns the citizens to abandon religious deception and repent to a marriage relationship with Christ.

Xlibris , $29.99, ISBN#: 978-1-4500-8362-1

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