AOT #195: Karl Alexander Podcasts Jaclyn the Ripper

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Karl Alexander Jaclyn the Ripper

In Karl Alexander’s book Time After Time, H.G. Wells used his time machine to chase after Jack the Ripper who was on a killing spree in 1979 San Francisco. After H.G. met Amy Catherine Robbins, the love of his life, and banished the serial killer to the indefinite future, H.G. and Amy returned to 1893 London, believing they could live happily ever after. But that wasn’t the end of the story. Alexander reads from and discusses his sequel to Time After Time, Jaclyn the Ripper, in which Amy returns to the present, accidentally freeing Jack from his prison in the far future while also transforming Jack into a woman. Jaclyn the Ripper sets out on a new killing spree in 2010 Los Angeles, vowing revenge on H.G. and Amy. With the panache, excitement, and thrills that made Time After Time so popular, Karl Alexander has penned another winning tale of Wells: author, inventor, and unlikely hero.

($24.99) Tor ISBN #978-0-7653-1894-7. You can visit Karl Alexander’s official web site as well.

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