AOT #31: John Hodgman Podcasts The Areas of My Expertise

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John Hodgman (accompanied by his personal troubador, Jonathan Coulton), provides a hilarious look into his first book, The Areas of My Expertise, which is a brilliant (and funny) compendium of trivia and wisdom on topics large and small. Make sure you stay tuned for the author’s theme song (performed by Coulton) and the Q&A by walkie talkie, which has to be a podcasting first!

Hodgman lives in NYC where he curates and hosts “The Little Gray Book Lectures,” a monthly colloquium of readings, songs and dubious scholarship. He is a contributing writer at The New York Times Magazine, a frequent guest on TV shows and a voice on public radio’s This American Life. Hodgman’s book, The Areas of My Expertise, assembles handy reference tables, fascinating trivia and sage widsom, all sifted through the singular, illuminating imagination of John Hodgman (in other words, he made it all up).

($22.00) Penguin ISBN # 0-525-94908-9.

You can visit The Areas of My Expertise official web site or you can also visit Hodgman at his Little Gray Books web site.

And if you liked the music of Hodgman’s personal troubador, Jonathan Coulton, please go to his site where you can hear, subscribe to or buy more wonderful, witty and whimsical songs.

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2 Responses to “AOT #31: John Hodgman Podcasts The Areas of My Expertise”
  1. Joye Divine says:

    This has got to be one of the most entertaining and down right weird author presentations the Tattered Cover has ever hosted. Really worth a listen.


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