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John Grogan reads from and discusses his wildly best-selling Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World’s Worst Dog.

Award-winning journalist John Grogan writes a heartwarming and unforgettable story about a family in the making, and tells of the wondrously neurotic dog who taught them what really matters in life.

($21.95) Harper Collins ISBN # 0-06-081708-9 Please visit John Grogan’s “Marley & Me” official web site as well.

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51 Responses to “AOT #35: John Grogan Podcasts Marley & Me”
  1. shadi says:


  2. Diana Bliuc says:

    Which dog do you like more Marley or Gracie

  3. MARCIA says:


  4. elizabeth braun says:

    I got the book 2 years ago for my husband for christmas after loosing our beloved 13 yr old yellow lab, cassie. Who could resist buying a book with their dog on the cover? We began reading the book aloud to our 8 and 10 year old sons and just skipped the adult content. It was healing for our family. We are happy to say we now have a lab mix Allie. We enjoyed your book so much and hope to be able to meet you somewhere on your tour. The Brauns

  5. noah says:

    My lab Moja just died this year, reading about Marley reminded me so much of him that I almost cried, thank you so much for righting so such a wonderful book

  6. Kasia says:

    Really stunning book! So unbelievably funny. You are lovely Marley. I admire You.

  7. Jenny Raffetto says:

    My name is Jenny. My husband is John. Our dog sitter is Kathy. I had a miscarriage with my first pregnancy. Our beloved dog Heidi is 14 and she’s blind and deaf. Our first dog died of bloat,same as Marley. We live in Pennsylvania and our almost daughter and her husband live in Boca Raton where he is a chef in a restaurant like the one where Marley caused all the excitement. The book made me laugh and cry. Thank you so much.

  8. R Horton says:

    Hi my friend recommended this book to me as she knows i love animals especially dogs!! This book made me laugh so much at the things Marley did and had acheived, it made cry at the end as this loyal dog and his body was failing to perform but yet his heart was still committed to the loyalty of you.
    I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you

  9. Ben says:

    hey oh my god let me tell you i am a huge fan of that book! and marley and i had no idea you had a dog called gracie can you tell me a little bit about her…..personallity thanks bye

  10. Charly says:

    I love this book, i think it is amazing and funny. its had made me laugh and cry, my b/f thinks im weird…..but well done its absolutly brilliant, best book of the year!!! x

  11. dog luver says:

    I loved reading this story! My dog died a little bit ago and this was so nice to read! She wasn’t the best behaved dog but she was the best dog I ever had! This is a really heartwarming story and I loved every minute of it. I hope you continue to write, because you are great at it! Thank you very much, you may never know how much reading this helped me.

  12. Crystal G says:

    This book was so inspirational and fun to read. I had to leave my bedroom one night while reading the end because I started crying where I couldn’t stop and I didn’t want to wake my husband. This book taught me to realize that I have to look past some of the naughty things my dog does and to lover her for who she is. Thank you John!

  13. Amber says:

    I loved this book! It made me laugh and cry! It wasan amazing book. It was fun to read.

  14. DogLover says:


  15. Summer says:

    I loved your book. Loved it, it seemed as though i was right there with Marley. It made me laugh and cry. When Marley died I cried sooo… hard. I hope y’all adopted lucky!

  16. Karen says:

    I finished Marely and Me last night. I cried so much that i could not control the sobs. I ached for Marley, for your loss and and for the loss of my own ‘old boy’. I even had to go get my new pup (mad also) from his bed and bring him into my own so i could cuddle him. (he was delighted and cofused at the same time and was happy to snuggle up to a weeping mom if it meant being able to sleep in her bed!)

    I laughed many times too of course, though i have to say it was a new experiences trying to read/sob/ and laugh at the same time!!

    Thank you for telling your, and no doubt countless other ‘Marleyesque’ owners story.

    Karen (UK)

  17. joanne grove says:

    i love the book:marley, a dog like no other. i was cast away to many new places, an old swampy farm, a dog beach and many more. i would recomend it to everyone on earth if posible!
    READ IT!

  18. Merle says:

    Thank you Mr. Grogan. Laughter is healing to the bones, and tears a cleansing river. Marley & Me got me doing both. What a lovely life he had, and what a lovely master. You deserved one another.

  19. Dimitrius says:

    Hello, I’m Dimitrius. I’m from Brazil and I am 14.
    “Marley & Me” was the first book that I couldn’t stop to read!
    I stayed until 2:30am reading in my bed!
    It’s really a amazing book!
    I have just one dog and his name’s Dexter. Hes is a little dangeours! hahaha
    But I love him, and not one, but many times, he stoped robber here in my home, and he have just 50cm of tall)
    Hes is a little nervous and he has no race.
    He is kind with my grandma, mom and me. But he is not so kind with other people.
    It’s good sometimes. But not always!
    I would love to meet Marley, and I believe I’ll someday!
    I ’till have contact with one labrador in my fathers house. He exacly as Marley. But he don’t live inside the house, as he live in another part of the courtyard, with his “wike” and his daughter(his daughter has an problem with her leg, so we
    don’t give or selled her.
    Thanks for writing the book. I don’t cried, but I wanted to do this, in the final. And I have a lot of fun

  20. pauline borderie says:

    wow i love marley the book! i read it at school and it was awsome! my teacher said i couldn’t take it home but i sneaked it in my back pack cause i loved the book so much! i have a dog as well, she is a corgi her name is Wilma and she is so adorble she has small little legs and is crazy about milk bonez! every one in our family loves her and she is also the friendliest dog ever!

  21. Tiffani Tripp says:

    I loved the book marley and me it is such a good book i cryed at the end when u had to put marley down and how your little boy wrote that letter for Marley well i relly loved the book it is the best book i have ever read!!!!

  22. Jacquelyn says:

    My black lab, Ninja was hit by a car in November and died. We buried him by a pond by our house with his collar, toys, and treats, and fired off three shots from a shotgun for him. It is taking a long time to remember him and not feel sad; it doesn’t help that some of the kids in my class think it’s funny and make fun of me and my sister.
    It’s been really hard for my mom, and the rest of my family. I had read Marley and Me before, but I was afraid to read it after Ninja’s death because I was afraid I wouldn’t stop crying. Thank you so much for writing this…it’s unbelieveable how many people were affected. Thank you so much…may Marley be in your heart forever.

  23. Eliza says:

    Me encantei com o livro,…, adorei a história de vocês e como tais, também me apaixonei pelo eterno Marley. Me envolvi tanto com olivro que no final chorei bastante,…
    Um livro realmemte muito bom e contagiante, uma história linda.
    Aprendi a ser paciente com essa história e desde então passe a valorizar o que realmente tem valor.

  24. Maren says:

    OMG!!! I love Marley and me…it reminds me of my cat Tigger, even though he wasn’t a dog. The first time ever durring all the books i have read…i have never cried in one. The book’s so descriptive…I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please write another book…THX!

  25. andi says:

    Dear Jhon Grogan i love all of your books. My favorite book I have read is Marly a dog like no other. I can’t wait until your next book come’s out . I also love your picture books. my favorite out of your pictur book’s is A Very Marly Christmas. Do you ever do any event’s in Oregon and washington because if you do I would bring my book’s for you to sign. I would love for you meet with me and my mom at an event. If you don’t have any there I would love to go to some were other than there. I hope if I could meet you in person you should know i am only 8 and love reading your adult book’s. It would be nice to meet my favorite writer. When ever I think of your book’s I ask my mom if I can look if there is new one of your book’s at the book store. It would the best day in my life to meet you if I could. Thank’s you for writing your stories I wish I could be a writer some day . Call ma please at 5036582877 and if we don’t answer leave your number please because you are my idol. from Andi humble. If you want you can email me instead of calling but either one please leave your nuber I am begging you.

  26. bri says:

    marley was the best book i have ever read in my life.

  27. dani says:

    i loved your book it fet like marley was my dog it felt like i was right there with him

  28. andrew says:

    I come from German, marley and me is a wonderfull book. this book i read in tow days.

  29. Fiorella says:

    hola Jhon, soy fiorella de Perú no escribo en inglés porque no podría explayarme como quiero sorry =(
    el sábado vi la película de marley y quiero felicitarte porq enseñas a mucha gente a ser más sensible y querer a los perritos en mi casa tengo 7 y siempre que encuentro uno en la calle trato de darlo en adopción ….. con esta película te aseguro q mucha gente va a cambiar la idea de tratar mal a los animales por eso TE ADORO!!! ERES INCREIBLE Y MARLEY EL MEJOR DE VERDAD!

  30. SAMMALEE says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  31. Andrea Amancio says:

    Olá Jonh Grogan!!! adorei seu livro (marley and me) você é um grande escritor e o Marley um verdadeiro ator…
    Adoro saber que existe pessoas que amam os naimais como vc

    Obrigada peo livro

  32. This book is excellent!!!!!!!!! 5 satr rating by me

  33. Jessica says:

    Marley and Me was the best book I have ever read. I felt like I was right there and thet Marley was my own dog. I cried so much reading this book! I know how it feels though to put a dog down. I have put three of my dogs to sleep, three years in a row! They were all siberian huskies. It is the saddest thing you will ever do! 🙂

  34. Lizz says:

    I luved marley and me!!! It was so good and heart touching! prob one of the best books i’ve ever read!!

  35. keti petridis says:

    hi there mr grogan, I have seen the movie marley and me and read the book. I loved it. so sad in the end but a very touching loving story. marley was adorable and I love cheeky dogs, I have one hunter his 6 months now and still cheeky, these labs are so full of life aernt they?? and hunter does the exact mambo dance with his swinging hips and jumping when his happy, just like marley. youre book made me realise even more about these special pets we have, I love my labrador heaps and will do anything for him!!!!!!!

  36. Steve says:

    Anyone who has ever had to have their dog put to sleep can relate to the book and movie.My wife and i had to put our beloved 15 year old schnauzer “Toby” to sleep 2 years ago
    and when i saw the movie i balled like a baby at the end. It brought back a flood of emotions and memories.He was our first child in a way.I have 2 grown sons and they would call him their “brother” just like Conner did in the movie.

  37. juliana says:

    jhon i love maeley

  38. Karen says:

    I love this story; we have a black lab named “Chance” who we adopted almost 6 years ago……although he is calm and mellow for the most part, I could totally relate to Marley’s reaction when invited for a car ride – you think he won the lottery! Our Chance is the same exact way – does his own “Marley Mambo” when he hears the sound of our car keys….. Never having had a dog before, and being somewhat afraid of them, I wanted a lab based on their reputation. Chance has won my heart and in reading your story, Marley has too. Those of us who are blessed to have the love of a wonderful pet can totally appreciate your story. RIP Marley – you were certainly loved!!

  39. Fernanda-Brazil says:

    This book is incredible! I love animals, mainly dogs.
    It is a lesson of life!
    That is Wonderful!

  40. Parabéns John Grogan, este livro me comoveu muito, nunca devorei um livro tão rapido em toda minha vida…. gostei muito e vai servir de lição pra toda minha existência…

  41. Danni says:

    I love your book its amazing
    i would really like a signed copy

  42. Danielle says:

    i love marley and me
    i read it 2 years ago before the film came out
    as soon as the film came out i saw it twice
    and i got the dvd
    i would really love a signed copy
    as marley and me is my favourite book and dvd

  43. Dannii says:

    please do some book signings in woodley

  44. Christina Irby says:

    I just watched “Marley & Me”. I grew up with dogs but now, I have a cat and I don’t think there is much difference. Marley reminds me so much of my cat, Pook. She does everything she is not supposed to do. But, there are times when I look at her and can’t help but just love her to pieces. Mr. Grogan, you did a wonderful job telling Marley’s story. By the way, I was motivated to watch the movie because of your appearance on “The Dog Whisperer”. I had to laugh as I watched the movie. I couldn’t help but think, “Wow, and he went and got another!” I hope Gracie brings you as much joy and adventure as Marley did.

  45. Jane Esther says:

    I cannot even begin to say how much I loved the book “Marley & Me.” I read it two years ago, just as we were getting our 8 wk old yellow lab, Daisy. I’m happy to say that today we have a two year old (BEAUTIFUL) friendly, loving lab and her almost 4 year old (dalmatian) “sister” Dally. They are best friends and the love of our lives. As much as I LOVED “Marley & Me,” I can’t even begin to say how much I LOVED “The Longest Trip Home.” I am especially pleased that Mr. Grogan is from Michigan, and was really glad to hear he was born the same year as I, 1957. (I don’t feel that old, do you?). I am especially geeked (very excited) that a week from tonit I will have the great pleasure of getting to hear Mr. Grogan speak and hopefully get to have him sign a book or two!!! I also had t-shirts (pictures of my four legged girls) made up just for the great event!!!!!!!! He’ll probably think we’re nuts!! (I did the same t-shirt thing when I met Richard Simmons) Just can’t wait because Mr. Grogan is one of my favorite authors!!!

  46. Rob says:

    Jane, thanks for leaving your story.

    Just in case you missed it, we also have a podcast of John Grogan reading from “The Longest Trip Home.” You can listen here:

  47. Tamara says:

    Eu simplesmente adorei o livro, realmente emocionante, ainda choro de lembrar da história, parece que marley era meu cachorro, ele foi incrível. Parabéns Jonh Grogan, você conseguiu reunir em seu livro todas as emoções,imagino o quanto foi difícil a perda desse amigão.

  48. Lori says:

    Am I the only one that the movie wasn’t about a dog but a man looking at his life’s decisions, with his best friend representing his alter ego. Living the dream of working as a reporter in New York. Comparing family life to Sebastian’s?


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