AOT #20: Frank McCourt Podcasts Teacher Man

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Frank McCourt, nearly a decade ago, became an unlikey star when, at the age of sixty-six, he burst onto the literary scene with Angela’s Ashes, the Pulitzer Prize-winning memoir of his childhood in Limerick, Ireland.

After Angela’s Ashes came ‘Tis, McCourt’s glorious account of his early years in New York. Now McCourt reads from and discusses the third volume in his life story, Teacher Man, the long-awaited book about how his thirty-year teaching career shaped his second act as a writer.

($26.00) Scribner ISBN # 0743243773

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65 Responses to “AOT #20: Frank McCourt Podcasts Teacher Man”
  1. Cathy Carson says:

    I would love to know if Frank McCourt has a speaking schedule. I would love to see him in person if I could.

  2. Rob says:

    I am sorry – we do not have McCourt’s speaking schedule. I suggest you contact his publisher and see if they do. Frank doesn’t have a web site either…


  3. nancy ricci says:

    Would there be any way I could contact Mr. McCourt?

  4. Rob says:

    The best way would be through his publisher – send an email to his publicist stating what you want to contact Mr. McCourt for.


  5. glenn & annie says:

    To whom it may concern,
    We live in the live oak district of the town of santa cruz, ca.We would like to know when mr. McCourt will be speaking at one of our bookstores.thanking you in advance for your reply.

  6. Rob says:

    We do not know Mr. McCourt’s schedule — plesae check with his publisher.

  7. Lea Ann Campbell says:

    I would like to know if Frank McCourt will speaking in Portland Oregon any time soon. My mother and I have enjoyed all of his books. Angela’s Ashs was my personal favorites. If we need to contact his publisher about his schedule how do we go about doing this?
    Thank you,
    Lea Ann Campbell

  8. Marilee says:

    We seem to have a debate going about how to pronounce Frank McCourt’s younger brother Malachy’s name. Would anyone be able to tell us how to pronounce it correctly, and how this info. might have been verified? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  9. Hojnatzki kai says:

    hello i know this may sound funny but its not i just got a little son i lost my job and my wife dose not earn money and i heard Frank McCourt wants to give mony too the poor and now i am one of thoese better we are its too much too die and too less to life i know that i uld give my son and my wife a little better live then it is soo please answer to my e mail we are a family in need

    Hojnatzki Kai

  10. maria raica says:

    May I have Mr.MC Court’s publisher’s email?
    thank you,

  11. Richard Parker says:

    My wife is Frank McCourt’s niece, daughter of Veronica.
    I am keen to contact him as I’m researching their family ancestry and need some leads to take us back past Edward.
    Could I have access to his e-mail or could he contact me.

  12. Anne Murray says:

    May I please have the publisher’s email. Thank You, Anne

  13. Laurie Gonzalez says:

    I went to Cuba 2 years ago and gave my husband’s family a copy of Angela’s Ashes in Spanish…A few months later I heard that everybody in the small town of Cardenas was lining up to read it..Since things are so bad in Cuba, I was hoping that this book would give hope to the people stuck there.


    l taught with Frank and knew his brother and first wifeIf posssible l would like to get in touch with him.

    Thank you Arthur Weitzman


    l was a friend to both frank and his brother. My nmame is Arthur Weitzman. l live in Boynton beach florida. l taught with him. if possble can he get in touch with me

    Thank you

    Arthur Weitzman


    My name is Arthur Weitzman. l taught school with Frank. l KNEW HIS WIFE aLBERTA AND ALSO His brother. l now live in Boynton Beach Florida. l would very much like to get in touch with him.
    Thank you

    Arthur H. Weitzman

  17. Eileen says:

    I’m first generation Irish, married, divorced, married again and excommunicated the second time because we were married by a Lutheran Minister. Loved Angela’s Ashes but heard that Frank McCourt is not permitted in Limerick/or Ireland again. Is that a fact? I haven’t been to any Church aince 1981 my husband died of Colin Cancer March 26, 03. I was a Lab Director but had a brain Aneurysm July 97 and spent 2 1/2 monthsin a coma. Had to learn to walk, talk, and read all over again. My husband was with me the entire time. Currently reading Teacher Man.

  18. Uta Burke says:

    please send me Frank McCourt’s Publisher’s e-mail address, I would like for him to write a few words of advise to my daughter Allyson’s 16’s birthday. We just finished reading all his books and I am making a birthday book for her with advice from friends, family and important people like him.
    thank you,
    Uta Burke

  19. harvey gemme says:

    answer to question #8: Malachy is pronounced mal-ah-kee or mal-ah-kie depending on the person. i have heard it both ways.

  20. Derya says:

    I am a turkish girl! I just finished reading all Frank Mc Court’s books. How can i contact with Mr Mccourt. I love him and his books so much. Please Frank Mc Court please come to Turkey. We love you!

  21. joyce says:

    I am most interested in understanding a schedule of Frank McCourt’s speaking engagements on the east coadt beginning September, 2007. thank you.

  22. Gerda Richmond says:

    Dear Mr. McCourt,
    I am very anxcious to know if you had problems publishing quoted names in your memoir, Angela’s Ashes? I have written a memoir and my publisher will not accept real-live names mentioned unless I come up with release forms from the deceased or their estates, or else change all characters in my book to ficticious. This is a memoir about my life during and after WWII, and the book needs to stay non-fiction. I noticed that in Angela’s Ashes you used no quoation marks. Was the reason for that to prevent such problems?
    Thank you for your reply.

  23. Gerda Richmond says:

    1. Dear Mr. McCourt,
    Please forward to Mr. McCourt,
    I am very anxious to know if you had problems publishing quoted names in your memoir, Angela’s Ashes? I have written a memoir and my publisher will not accept real-live names mentioned unless I come up with release forms from the deceased or their estates, or else change all characters in my book to fictitious. This is a memoir about my life during and after WWII, and the book needs to stay non-fiction. I noticed that in Angela’s Ashes you used no quotation marks. Was the reason for that to prevent such problems?
    Thank you for your reply.

  24. Rosalia says:

    Hello, can anybody give a message to Frank McCourt? We have a restaurant in the Chicago area dedicated to Gluten Free food. If he can go to our website,, he can have the lasagna that he missed so much since being on a gluten-free diet. I learned this from a speech he gave on the Italian Channel at “The Festival of Literature” in Montova. If anybody has his publisher’s email, please email this message to him. He will appreciate this very much. Thank you. Our website is

  25. Elisabeth Anderson says:

    I’d like to attend Frank McCourt’s book signing in Carmel, CA on Sat. September 29, 2007, but do not know where it is being held. How about NYC book signings? Could someone tell me Mr. McCourt’s schedule of appearances in the NYC area?

    Elisabeth Anderson

  26. Anthony Hogan says:

    What a brilliant talent

    Thank you Frank

  27. Dear Mr. McCourt,
    I have been teaching “at-risk” Jr. High students and students with learning disabilities for the past 20 years. I, too, grew up in poverty and raised in a family of 15 children. It was very easy for me to identify with you while reading your memoirs. I have read all three of your memoirs and loved each one. I recently watched an interview of you on televison and was curious about a couple of things not brought up during the inverview. First, where do you consider “home”? Is it true you are not allowed in Limmerick and if so, why not? Seoond, did your fame after Angela’s Ashes contribute to your divorce? Finally, in which ways has your life changed since becoming famous? My very best wishes to you for happiness and continued success!
    Sincerely, Michelle Mckinley

  28. Dear Mr. McCourt,
    Have you ever considered making an appearance in Utah? It really is a beautiful state. Please let me know if and when you may be in Utah. Thank you.

  29. joy carroll says:

    Is Frank writing anything now? I’ve read everything I can find and it’s not enough. He’s brilliant and has so much to say.

  30. I hope this reaches you. YOur memoir of Angelas Ashes gave me the courage to reconcile with my mother, a second generation child raised in a family who still had the culture from Ireland. Her family made ‘home brew’ during the depression and her nights were filled with those ‘parties.’ She hated drunkness, but she became a drinker herself. She didn’t see that. And her recent memoir reflected that. She married a Sicilian who was also cought up in the spirit of the times (1940’s) and they both drank too much. I spent my teenage years caring for my younger brother and sisters while my parents did the ‘cocktail hour.’
    i didn’t understand it all and hated my mother for years until I read your book. I have been able to come to terms with it all. I so love my mother and understand her heritage and her times and life. And the scourge of the times and situation. Thank you for giving me my mother.

  31. Jenni says:

    I have just read through a lot of questions but do not see very many answers. I was wondering (like everyone else) if Frank McCourt or Malachy McCourt will be having a book signing in the Sacramento, California area. I have checked the publisher’s website and found nothing.

  32. Sarah says:

    Hi…I’m a 15 year old and I am writing a research paper about Frank McCourt. I would really love it if you could send me his email…or something. I really need to ask him a few questions for the report if it is possible. I was really inspired by his memoirs. They made me weep and laugh and feel…I’m not sure actually. It was just an overwhelming experience. I really would love it if I could contyact him.

    Thank you ever so much,

  33. Hi,
    Iam an Egyptian PHd student and iam writing my thesis on Mr. Mccourt’s three autobiographical books. I would really appreciate it if someone sent me his contact info. Thank you very much.
    Yours sincerely
    Mohammed Mostafa

  34. keerti ramachandra says:

    Dear Mr Mc Court,
    Just finished reading Teacher Man – I am so glad you “tried!”
    I am 61 yrs old, from bangalore India and have been an english teacher- Teaching is a passion with me, and my greatest regret after reading Teacher man was that i am no longer in a position to teach – age limit and all that. I would have used similar startegies to teach creative writing and grammarin my classes. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

  35. Gabriele from Lithuania says:


    I’ve just read Mr. McCourt’s trilogy (Angela’s ashes, ‘Tis and Teacher Man) in Lithuanian and it was such a pleasant think to read all these books! Could I get Mr. McCourt’s email – I would like to write hime some words regarding his books.


  36. Erin says:

    I would like to know how to find out if Frank Mc Court has a speaking and/or book signing schedule? Where can I find out this information. If he or his publicist has an email address you can provide I would appreciate that also.

    Thank you

  37. Paul Benson says:

    Dear Mr. McCourt:

    I write to ask if you would be interested in speaking to a group of global and U.S. History teachers at the annual conference of our Western Southern Tier Council for the Social Studies. The conference is being held November 14-15, 2008 in Corning, New York. We would like you to be our plenary speaker on Friday evening, the 14th.

    We are a young organization spawned from a Teaching American History grant that incorporates 69 school districts across eight counties. At just over 5,000 square miles, our territory is just about the size of Connecticut.

    Our mission is to bring our teachers together for talk, networking, professional development and to congregate with museum curators, academics and local historians. Last year was out first conference and we were honored with a plenary talk by Rafe Esquith of Hobart Shakespearean fame. Your presence would continue in the vein of having exemplary educators bring their stories to our good folks.

    We of course would compensate you for your time and travel. We are limited by a budget, but hope we can meet your expectations.

    Please feel free to contact me my mail, email or phone.


    Paul Benson
    Teaching American History Grant, Project Director
    Jamestown Public Schools
    197 Martin Road
    Jamestown, NY 14701
    Fax 716.483.7104
    [ ]

  38. Gema says:

    I love to finish a book and disvover when I close it that I’m smiling.

  39. Danielle says:

    Dear Mr McCourt,

    thank you so much for sharing your experiences in life with us. I read all your books with passion. I am impressed how the decisions you made in your life changed things to the positive side. I am living in the Netherlands but travelling to NYC quite often and I sincerely hope to meet you one day if you give a speech or sign books,
    warmest regards,


  40. Ricardo Fagundes Carvalho says:

    Dear Mr McCourt
    Thx, deep thanks for sharing your life with me/us.

    ESL/EFL teacher in Brazil

  41. sibel says:

    Dear Mr.McCourt,
    I really impressed so much when I was reading Angelas Ashes..I cried often..Thanks so much for this magnificient books..

  42. laura says:

    First of all, sorry for my bad english: I’m italian and can’t speak english very well.
    Secondly: is there anybody who could get me in touch with Frank McCourt? I’ve just finished to read his “Angela’s Ashes” (it’s a shame that I discovered such a masterpiece only by chace and only one week ago!)and just bought his “Teacher Man” (in italian it’s Hei, Prof). I’d like to tell him how much I do appreciate him, how much I cried and laughed and smiled reading his book, how much I admire him, how much I wish him all the best in his life because he has been able to survive and to keep on fighting: I should learn very much from him.
    So, if someone could make me this great favour, I’d be honoured to tell all this to Frankie.
    Thank you, ciao

  43. chloe says:

    I have read three books of Frank McCourt and I really liked it. I mean I really liked it. Is there any way I can write to McCourt or McCourt’s publisher?

  44. Lindsey says:


    Make your way to Canada will ya?
    Please and thank you of course 🙂

  45. Mattie Lennon says:

    I would be thankful for an email or contact address for Frank McCourt.
    Thanking you,

    Mattie Lennon.

  46. Daly McElwain says:

    I’ve read Angela’s Ashes, Teacher Man and now am in the middle of ‘Tis. Can’t say enough how much I’ve ENJOYED reading Mr.McCourt’s books! Would love a contact address or email to thank him for his work.

  47. I am a former student of Mr. Mcourt’s when he taught at Stuyvesant High School from 1975-78. I cannot call him “Frank”; he will always be Mister McCourt to me. He encouraged me to read “Down These Mean Streets” by Piri Thomas when I was having identity issues as a Puerto Rican in New York. That book changed my life, and so did he. My wife recently passed away, and I care for my 2 boys alone. Friends have read my blog and encourage me to write a book. I would love to hear from Mr. McCourt and get his advice, as I have never done this before. Can someone give me an e-mail to contact him? If not can my e-mail be passed to him so he may contact me? My name is Norberto Colon, but he may remember me as “Bert”. Thank you for your help.

  48. MaryKay says:

    I read Angela’s Ashes 10 years ago, when we were living in Beijing. It completely changed my perspective regarding many things. For example, I view street beggars in a completely different light now, and always make an effort to contribute something now. Who knows what story is behind each beggar? Regardless, they’re having a much rougher time than I am. Frank McCourt’s writing taught me to look at them with compassion and generosity.

  49. Mr. McCourt: My memoir “In Pursuit of the Speckled Gumball”
    Xlibris, 2005, has been compared favorably with “Angela’s Ashes. I know you would enjoy the read and would be happy to send you or your publicist a copy.

    Hiram K. Myers, author:
    In Pursuit of the Speckled Gumball
    Malachi’s Child
    The Baptism of Vincent Scarlotti

  50. Mr. Frank McCourt is a great author!
    I love Angela’s Ashes and ‘Tis so much, that my friend even bought me the third book for my birthday. I just finished reading ‘Tis early this morning. Luckily, I brought the third book and starting reading it. I’m on Chapter 3 now. Hopefully, I could finish it and know more about him.
    God Bless!

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