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Frank McCourt, nearly a decade ago, became an unlikey star when, at the age of sixty-six, he burst onto the literary scene with Angela’s Ashes, the Pulitzer Prize-winning memoir of his childhood in Limerick, Ireland.

After Angela’s Ashes came ‘Tis, McCourt’s glorious account of his early years in New York. Now McCourt reads from and discusses the third volume in his life story, Teacher Man, the long-awaited book about how his thirty-year teaching career shaped his second act as a writer.

($26.00) Scribner ISBN # 0743243773

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65 Responses to “AOT #20: Frank McCourt Podcasts Teacher Man”
  1. rachael says:

    I am doing an author study on Frank McCourt and was wondering if I could get any contact information to write a letter to him?

  2. Rob says:

    I am sorry – we don’t have Mr. McCourt’s info. I suggest you write to the PR department of his publisher, and they may be able to help you.

  3. Torres says:

    Frank McCourt, no matter what rumors survive in attempt to sabotage his success, is an amazing author. The stories he tells in his books reveal a mind so creative, so determined, but so predictable, any reader would stay up late at night turning pages. No question, he is my favorite author. I could write pages detailing why he is such a great author. I read Angelas Ashes in jail when I was 15 years old. I wasn’t a fan of books at the time, I still can’t recall why I picked that book from the shelf. I honestly didn’t mind being in jail so much as the next few days spent reading that book passed quickly. That book instilled an appreciation for reading and opened my eyes to a world of reading books. I’m currently 40 pages into Teacher Man, and it crost my mind to lock myself in my room with a pack of ciggerettes and finish the book. I wish he wrote more than 3 books, but i heard his brother, Malachy, put out “A Monk Swimming”, and it was a Best seller. I haven’t read it, but every review for the book has said great things. Check it out guys!

  4. maisha says:

    Mr. Mccourt,
    we all want a little piece of you and we already have more than a piece from your books but i would be greatful if i could interview you for my english project.
    I’m in the 10th grade and probably not half as devoted as half the people on this page but all of my class is learning about the journey archetype and how important it is to “find yourself”. I doubt that i can get an interview by this friday or at all but it’s all part of the research process.
    Thank you for making me laugh….although i’m not sure if the books are supposed to make a 15 year old laugh

  5. Carol Campbell says:

    I was fortunate enough to care for a woman this past summer,who listened to books on tape because of her blindness. Mary McClean opened up a new world for me when I borrowed “Angela’s Ashes” on cassette. The world of Frank McCourt-a wonderful world of a “real” person’s life…written and spoken so well that I had to have more. I live in Northwest Connecticut and know that you have spoken at the UCONN Branch in Torrington,Ct. I would love to hear you speak and meet you…are you going to be at UCONN in the spring of 2009? Thank you telling the world your story…and thank you Mary for lending me the tape.

  6. Dear Mr. Frank McCourt, I’m having a hard time finding a editor and publisher for my book, which is in a very rough draft. I was wondering if you had a hard time at first to get your books edited and published. I have written my book for three reasons, for myself, my boys, and there maybe a possability my information may save a life, or not. The fact that my book information might save a life or more, is the only reason I think it should be published. Other than that, my book information is of only interest to my boys and me. The titled of my book is ‘I Survived’ (the 9th of 14 kids, when I shouldn’t have) ‘Emotionally & Mentally’ ‘Because I Live There’
    Neil 978-258-8061

  7. Trish (Foley) Ventre says:

    I’ve read everyone of your books and am waiting for another one. I dragged my crew to Limerick (Continental Flight Attendants) on the tour. They didn’t even read Angelas Ashes and were empressed. Why I felt so connected I’ll never know other than the fact the my Dad is an alcholic and my mom is a quiet little enabler. Long story short dad’s in a nursing home waiting to be called back to war. He retired in 1980.
    I missed your preformance in Frederick Md. at the Weinberg Theatre. I live in Middletown. Md. I was so touched by your books that when peaple said I think he was so cold when his brother’s and sister died I just had to say to them, what could he do? For some reason I understood. What are you suppose to do, save the fucking world?
    Any way I can’t wait for the next one. Next signing, next cruise because I’ll drag my Italian husband along with me, not my mess of an Irish family with me. It’s almost like I’m the black sheep of the family.
    Good Luck,
    My family has broken shoes too!!! What is that?
    Waiting for the next one. It’s been so long maybe I missed one.
    Trish Ventre

  8. Kelly McCourt says:

    Mr. McCourt,
    I know you dont know me but I am related to you, we are 5 cousins so yeah it is a big distance between our realtionship; but I have learned so much about you and my family’s pride comes from you. My grandfather has meet your brother Malachy and I have read your book Angelas Ashes. I have always told my family that one day I would contact you and invite you to a family party but I never really tried. I have heard that you have fallen ill recently though and just wanted you to know that your family is here for you and that if you have done anything in this world know that youve made a name for our family and that generations on will look up to you the way me and my siblings and aunts and uncles and grandparents have.

  9. Patsy says:

    Some comments here refer to Mr. McCourts publisher. Who is the publisher? What is their name and address?
    thank you,

  10. Tek-Pheung Chuan says:

    His “Angela’s Ashes” and “‘Tis” brought me back to thoughts about my family.

    “Teacher Man” brought me down to earth, that I understand my students, like me, are humans, with their own stories, and sorrows.

    TP Chuan

  11. Mimi says:

    So nice to hear his voice again here! What a talker.
    (R.i.p. dear Frank…Thank you for writing all your stories. They have a special place on my bookshelf as I love them dearly. You are missed.)

  12. Lorraine donaghue says:

    I just finished reading Teacher Man and I firmly believe a copy of this book should be given to every person graduating as a teacher,there are many who can teach but it takes a specisl person to remain in the thoughts of students long after they leave the hallowed halls of learning.Blessed is the child who gets a teacher like Frank McCourt.

  13. teegee says:

    Mr. McCourt was amazing. He was my teacher in high school and we were all pleases that he was able to find such tremendous success late in life after his life as a TEACHER.


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