AOT #99: Carleen Brice Podcasts Orange Mint and Honey

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Carleen Brice Orange Mint and Honey

Local author Carleen Brice reads from her debut novel Orange Mint and Honey. “The marriage of historical confidence with creativity brings forth the first novel by Carleen Brice. Orange Mint and Honey makes use of the oldest of relationships: mothers and daughters. Looking at the plights of love, forgiveness, understanding and redemption brings to this first novel a fresh and unique feel. A wonderful jazzy exciting read.”-poet and activist Nikki Giovanni

($13.95) One World ISBN #0-345-49906-9. You can visit Carleen Brice’s official web site as well.

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3 Responses to “AOT #99: Carleen Brice Podcasts Orange Mint and Honey”
  1. Louise Dickson says:

    ORANGE MINT AND HONEY was an absorbing experience for me. I felt I was taken out of myself and placed in the story many times while reading it. The emotions exposed were so real I thought they must be my own. I never fe;t myself part of a book before and it was comparable to an electric shock in the way my thinking was re-arranged without my willing it to be.

  2. Louise Dickson says:

    I already contributed my feelings about this excellent book and would feel it unnecessary to rave on further!


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