AOT #45: Augusten Burroughs Podcasts Possible Side Effects

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Augusten Burroughs, bestselling author of Running with Scissors, Dry and Magical Thinking, reads from — no, performs from — his new collection of stories, Possible Side Effects.

Burroughs, who has been named one of the 15 funniest people in America by Entertainment Weekly, has written another highly entertaining and provocative book based on his wild personal life. Possible Side Effects is a collection of true, and mostly-true, stories that Burroughs uses to enlighten his readers on the concept of cause and effect, all told in his amusing and anecdotal style.

($23.95) St. Martin’s Press ISBN # 0-3123-1596-1. You can visit Augusten Burrough’s raucous official web site as well.

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5 Responses to “AOT #45: Augusten Burroughs Podcasts Possible Side Effects”
  1. Tori says:

    I was just wondering if you knew if Augusten Burroughs was going to do a book tour in seattle washington anytime soon!

    Hope to hear from you soon!


  2. Rob says:

    Sorry, we do not know the schedule of the authors we podcast. I suggest going to Mr. Burroughs’ web site, which is linked at the bottom of the podcast, and typically the author has a list of speaking engagements on his or her site.


  3. ZQ says:

    Thank you for the audio rendition of Running with Scissors-and that it was YOU reading it. Meant a great deal to me. Lived in Amherst 1973-1976. Went to Hampshire. My mother was diagnosed as a schizophrenic when I was 3 and then my father died when I was 5. Thank you for helping to hear my voice. I am a successful professional but still have nagging thoughts about what was or could have been…or maybe that is all bullshit and it is just good to hear that people like you (us) can make it work. Call me sometime if you want to talk: 518-526-5565.


  4. says:

    This podcast is an awesome one…I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and bipolar II when I was 17, and I had been looking for an outlet that I could really relate to. I really think that material things like having a well-paying job is illusory, because no matter what type of job we have, we still have to pay 10-20% of our income on taxes, and it blows a mighty wind up the government’s ass, if I can be frank about it. hahahah. But seriously, we are living in a displaced society, where money is misappropriated and there is no interconnection within the government’s subsidiaries. The feds get everything, and the money isn’t dispersed to the people who deserve it the most; people like this writer. Honestly, the virtue of expression is under-rated. If only the government could fund more projects and endeavors in the arts. WE need a vector for writers like Augusten Burroughs, who is a brilliant, brave writer, and has proved himself a hero in revealing these things that were so connived and complicated. He was the subject of double-manipulation by his mother who sent him to live with a 30-year old psychiatrist, which is not only humiliating but also debasing. And it wasn’t his fault; his mom was a nutjob. But honestly, we need a voice for people who are different. We must integrate more vivacious and creative prospectives. I hope that society becomes more heterogeneous…

  5. Luke Morris says:


    was wondering if anyone could possibly inform me in which order I should be reading Augusten’s books? I am a new fan and have just read ‘Running with Scissors.’

    Thank you


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