AOT #55: John Naisbitt Podcasts Mind Set!

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John Naisbitt Mind Set

John Naisbitt, in his seminal works Megatrends and Megatrends 2000, proved himself one of the most farsighted and accurate observers of our fast-changing world. Naisbitt discusses his new book, Mind Set! Reset Your Thinking and See the Future.

($24.95) Harper Collins ISBN #0-06-113688-3. You can visit John Naisbitt’s official web site as well.

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3 Responses to “AOT #55: John Naisbitt Podcasts Mind Set!”
  1. Edson Honma says:

    Congratulations for the website and the podcast ! i’m writing from Brazil and I’m really enjoyed the ideas of the author and the book. Cheers, Edson

  2. marC says:

    i have a research about the megatrend of john naisbitt about on the white collard, computers and russian satellite. this all about the information technologies. unfortunately, i can not find. i need it badly because it ia one of our requirement. can you help mefor that? it is a big help for me. i really appreciate his work. thanks!

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