AOT #50: James McGreevey Podcasts The Confession

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James McGreevey reads from and discusses his provocative memoir, The Confession.

In August 2004, New Jersey Governor James McGreevey made history when he stepped before microphones and declared, “My truth is that I am a gay American,” and announced his resignation. The story made international headlines – but what led to that moment was a human and political drama more complex and fascinating than anyone knew. Now, in this extraordinarily candid memoir, McGreevey shares his story of a life of ambition, moral compromise and redemption.

($26.95) Regan Books ISBN #0-06-089862-3.

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One Response to “AOT #50: James McGreevey Podcasts The Confession”
  1. richard jianos says:

    I read the book, and if the screenplay were well done, believe it would make a very good movie entitled The Gay Governor. Eventually it might become a musical.

    It was not an easy read, for I wasn’t interested in the family bits, which I didn’t believe, anyway. Some psychotherapy or analysis would be need to get clearer pictures of grandmothers, et al.

    But, McGreevy, himself was fascining — rising so high undercover.
    That smile! Irrestible. Lokinhg forward to wife’s side of story and hoping it doesn’t contradict his.

    Why did he show up at the gay center last week or so with that woman instead of his lover? Hope they live happily ever after. Years from now, that relationship will make a good story.

    The book was very well written. I’m not much interested in politics, but it did show how much of it works. Be nice if he were able to come back again someday.

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