AOT #48: John Berendt Podcasts The City of Falling Angels

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John Berendt, author of the record-breaking bestseller Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, reads from and discusses the paperback edition of his new book, The City of Falling Angels.

John BerendtThe City of Falling Angels

In this great example of the “non-fiction novel” genre that Berendt helped create, Berendt turns to the magic, mystery and decadence of Venice to gradually reveal the truth behind a fire that in 1996 destroyed the historic Venice opera house. Encountering a rich cast of characters, Berendt tells a tale full of atmosphere and surprise as the stories build, one after the other, ultimately coming together to portray a world as finely drawn as a still-life painting.

($15.00) Penguin ISBN # 0-14-303693-9.

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3 Responses to “AOT #48: John Berendt Podcasts The City of Falling Angels”
  1. Ric Iannolino says:

    I think you have a problem with this weeks author since Ellen was featured last week. When will you actually feature John Berendt.

    Thank you


  2. Lydia Bachman says:

    Does John Berendt have a website or contact information through his publishing house?
    I’m looking for current tour schedule for 2008.


  3. V. Smith says:

    Loved “City of Falling Angels”! Never thought “Midnightin the
    Garden of Good and Evil”, could be topped! Thank you
    Mr. Berendt for two brilliantly crafted books.

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