AOT #41: John Perkins Podcasts Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

September 30, 2006 by  
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John Perkins discusses and reads from the new paperback edition of his internationally bestselling and controversial book, Confessions of an Economic Hitman.

Perkins’ story is an in-depth look at one man’s experiences inside the intrigue, greed, corruption and little-known government and corporate activities that America has been involved in since World War II, and which have dire consequences for the future of democracy and the world.

($15.00) Penguin ISBN #0-452-28708-1. Please visit John Perkins’ official web site as well.

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One Response to “AOT #41: John Perkins Podcasts Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”
  1. Silje Vikoy says:

    I am a diplomat and I am so happy that someone wrote this book. John Perkins did a great job, and a great thing for the world!

    PS. Does anyone know which literary agent he used.

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