AOT #133: Gustavo Arellano Podcasts Orange County: A Personal History

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Gustavo Arellano Orange County: A Personal History

Nationally bestselling author and syndicated columnist Gustavo Arellano reads from and discusses his new book Orange County: A Personal History, the hilarious and poignant follow-up to ¡Ask a Mexican!, his critically acclaimed debut. Part personal narrative, part cultural history, Orange County is the outrageous and true story of the man behind the wildly popular and controversial column ¡Ask a Mexican! and the locale that spawned him. It is a tale of growing up in an immigrant enclave in a crime-ridden neighborhood, but also in a promised land, a place that has nourished America’s soul and Gustavo’s family, both in this country and back in Mexico, for a century.

($24.00) Scribner ISBN #1-41654-004-0.

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