AOT #131: Chuck Klosterman Podcasts Downtown Owl

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Chuck Klosterman Downtown Owl

Chuck Klosterman, the author of Fargo Rock City; Sex, Drugs, And Cocoa Puffs; and Killing Yourself To Live, is a columnist for Esquire and has written for GQ, The New York Times Magazine, The Washington Post, and others. Klosterman reads from and discusses his debut novel Downtown Owl. Like a colder, Reagan-era version of The Last Picture Show fused with Friday Night Lights, Klosterman’s Downtown Owl is the unpretentious, darkly comedic story of how it feels to exist in a community where rural mythology and violent reality are pretty much the same thing. Loaded with detail and unified by a (very real) blizzard, it’s technically about certain people in a certain place at a certain time, but it’s really about a problem: What does it mean to be a normal person? There is no answer, but in Downtown Owl, what matters more is how you ask the question.

($24.00) Scribner ISBN #1-41654-418-6.

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