AOT #128: Stephen Coonts Podcasts The Assassin

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Stephen Coonts The Assassin

Bestselling author Stephen Coonts discusses his new thriller The Assassin. Abu Qasim, the ruthless and cunning Al Qaeda leader who nearly succeeded in blowing up a meeting of the G-8 in Paris, has escaped from the grasp of the Americans and is plotting his next move. A small band of powerful men, highly placed leaders of industry and politics in the West, have decided they need to target and destroy the terrorist and his inner circle before he can strike again. When a prominent Russian dissident is poisoned in London, however, it’s clear that there’s a very dangerous leak within the ranks of the Westerners, and that Abu Qasim has turned the tables on his rivals–it is now he who is pursuing, and his aim is to kill!

($26.95) St. Martin’s ISBN #0-312-32357-3. You can visit Stephen Coonts’s official web site as well.

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