Best of AOT: Al Franken Talks About God, from The Truth (with Jokes)

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Al FrankenIt always gives us great pleasure to see Authors On Tour alumni reach higher peaks.

Al Franken has gone from entertaining us on Saturday Night Live to informing us as a liberal radio talk-show host. Now, after a eight-month legal battle, Franken is the junior Senator from the state of Minnesota.

Back in November of 2005, Franken spoke at the Tattered Cover book store in Denver. In his book The Truth (with Jokes), he hinted at a possible run for the Senate and spoke of what he would do if elected. This excerpt, however, shows Franken’s more sensitive side (although not quite in Stuart Smalley territory!).

Reading form the chapter “Al Franken Talks About God,” he looks back at the last days of his father. He prefaces the reading by admitting he cries at “sappy McDonald’s commercials,” and he certainly showed his emotions during this powerful reading.

This podcast was originally recorded on November 16, 2005. Listen to the entire Al Franken Podcast.

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