AOT #10: Al Franken Podcasts from The Truth (with Jokes)

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This week we podcast podcast Al Franken, comedian, liberal radio talk-show host, and author of the hilarious and insightful book Lies: And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them. In this podcast, Franken will discuss and read from his follow-up book The Truth (with Jokes). Armed with an arsenal of facts and research (and of course comedy!), Franken takes the fight to the Bush administration and their right-wing cronies. Intelligent, insightful, inspiring and laugh-out-loud funny, Franken’s book is a hard-hitting work of political satire.

Al Franken The Truth (with Jokes)

($25.95) Dutton ISBN 0-525-94906-2. Visit Al Franken’s web site as well.

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4 Responses to “AOT #10: Al Franken Podcasts from The Truth (with Jokes)”
  1. Mary Ann Bukky says:

    Found this book at a local Dollar Store in a bin of misfits Hah! Best damn peice of literary pigeon poop I have ever read…laffing my butt off…just starting chapter 6……he truly is a genius….love the way he connects to those who get it and to the right wing mental pigeons that either think they do or act disgusted cuz they really secretly don’t. Best damn ill-trodden buck brought on by GOP, that I ever spent. Oh masser masser…let me kiss your lefty feet…hee hee………LOVE IT!


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